A “Career-Launching” Company

TellApart is proud to be featured as one of the top Career-Launching Technology Companies.

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Best Places to Work

TellApart is thrilled to be voted as a top place to work in the Bay Area.

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Transparency is the norm.

Our most prized asset is our team, and we believe in empowering them with all of the facts. That’s why all conversations are held out in the open, and information is shared with everyone.

We invest in our people.

Cultivating our people with structured mentorship and career development programs is just as important as cultivating our technology.

Performance at a higher scale.

With a real time system that handles hundreds of thousands of queries per second while driving hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental revenue for our clients, we operate at a scale unachievable by most technology companies.

Ownership isn’t just possible – it’s critical.

No matter their title, every employee has the opportunity to have complete ownership of projects that impact our company’s output.

We don’t just work hard, we work with purpose.

To us, every moment counts. This intensity sets the pace for our continuous experimentation and rapid development while keeping us on the leading edge of the next big revolution in technology.

Don’t worry, we’ve got a few perks too... As part of Twitter!

Our team is now working from Twitter’s HQ in San Francisco & New York.

Interested in becoming a TellApartan? Here’s what we’re looking for:

Applied Intelligence

We’re looking for problem solvers with the demonstrated ability to execute on innovative projects and overcome formidable challenges. We need people who enjoy unpacking and solving really tough problems.

Passion that runs deep

If you can see yourself doing this type of work in your free time
or have other personal projects you’re passionate about, you’ll fit right in here.


Most things worth doing are far from easy. Here at TellApart, your limits will be tested,
but a little perseverance goes a long away.