The TellApart Predictive Marketing Platform:
Turn Our Science Into Your Sales

Our platform gives you the power to truly understand what your customers want so you can deliver relevant messages to drive product discovery and delight. Each step unlocks the next, creating unique customer experiences that drive incremental revenue and customer satisfaction.


Identity Network Service

Personalization begins with a person.

As shoppers continue to expand the number of channels and devices they use to interact with your brand, managing their various anonymous identities is one of the most challenging problems you face when trying to provide a cohesive experience. The promise of one to one marketing is impossible without a more robust way of joining the data into anonymous representations of shoppers. The TellApart Identity Network Service incorporates anonymous data – from both online and offline sources – to create an ID for shoppers.


Customer Data Profile Service

Get to know your current and future customers.

Each anonymous TellApart customer profile represents a merging of 100s of online and in-store signals about a particular anonymous customer across the channels and devices they use. Real-time data—via feeds and tags—constantly updates the anonymous profiles and enables you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers. This unique-to-one approach powers a marketing advantage and a better customer experience.


Predictive Engine Service

Help your customers discover products that delight.

True delight is earned through anticipating and exceeding expectations, and the TellApart Predictive Engine Service helps you do just that. It harnesses the power of machine learning algorithms run atop thousands of servers in the cloud to help your shoppers find the products of most interest to them. Our models create a Customer Value Score for each shopper and product combination—a compilation of likelihood to purchase, predicted order size, and lifetime value—which serves as the basis for all our marketing decisions, from real-time bidding on ad exchanges to which personalized emails to send.


Dynamic Message Service

Great marketing seems like content.

Taking its direction from the TellApart Predictive Engine Service, the Dynamic Message Service assembles all of the relevant components—including product imagery, logos, offers and any metadata—into personalized content that’s customized for each channel. From optimizing the aspect ratio and image correction to filtering for in-stock and restrictions, the goal is to ensure an on-brand experience that is of such high quality that the marketing message is treated like native content from the perspective of the user and their engagement. We truly believe that, when done well, personalized marketing can serve as an off-site extension of your brand and shopping experience.


TellApart Solutions

Deliver wow moments via any channel or device.

TellApart is the only Predictive Marketing Platform that offers end-to-end delivery of personalized messages through channels and devices. These messages can be sent through advertising in display, social sites, mobile, email and even dynamic on-site promotions. The shopper-centric coordination of these marketing messages is integral to creating those personalized ‘wow’ moments.


TellApart Self-Learning Circuit

Our performance never ceases to impress (or improve).

At TellApart, we believe in the power of self-optimizing models over static business rules, and our Self-Learning Circuit achieves continuous optimization through the collection of real-time feedback from all delivered messages. This anonymous data—whether a message was placed, clicked, commented on, liked and/or shared, followed by all anonymous interactions and conversions on your site—is key to the ongoing improvement of the platform’s performance.