Our Solutions Are Reinventing Personalized Marketing

Powered by the TellApart Predictive Marketing Platform, our integrated suite of omnichannel solutions help you create unique and personalized experiences that help shoppers discover - and go on to buy - the products that most interest them. TellApart's platform leverages anonymous data based on individual customer shopping habits so you can deliver unique-to-one messages that are consistent across channels and devices. Most importantly, our success is measured entirely by your growth of incremental revenue.

Cross-Device Retargeting

Convert shoppers
into customers.

There are many reasons why the overwhelming majority of your site visitors do not complete a purchase. With comprehensive reach across all major ad exchanges and optimized approaches for each shopper across the multiple devices that they each use, TellApart delivers highly personalized display ads that are perfectly targeted with the intent of re-engaging those lapsed shoppers. Our results speak for themselves – increasing online sales by 10% or more.

Native Ad Retargeting

Reach shoppers with marketing
as engaging as content.

Native advertising offers a new and powerful approach to provide highly personalized, beautifully designed ads that match the form and tone of the content in which they appear. As shoppers continue to be drawn to visual content, these beautiful and larger placements drive notably more engagement than traditional display advertising and can increase your retargeting revenue by 40% or more.





Mobile Retargeting

Engage with shoppers
on mobile devices.

With the rapid adoption of mobile devices, it is more important than ever to ensure that your shoppers have a consistent experience across all touch points. Highly personalized ads on mobile phones and tablets can enable up to a 50% increase in program volume, and the TellApart Identity Network Service ensures coordinated messaging as your shoppers switch between devices.

Personalized Email

Drive sales with
personalized content.

Using the TellApart Platform, you can bring personalization to the most ubiquitous marketing channel of all — email. Leveraging anonymous data profiles and prediction models to complement your editorial content by curating and featuring products specific to each recipient, TellApart helps you gain the ability to drive 20% more email revenue, further proving the power of personalization in any channel.

Audience Targeting

Engage customers
throughout their
shopping funnel.

The TellApart Audience Targeting solution helps promote new products and categories with beautifully branded creative tied to shoppers’ historical interactions. It enables you to expand your reach by more than 50% and can create new demand, driving traffic to your store and/or website. The TellApart Audience Targeting solution includes the ability to plan and execute initiatives for vendor co-op programs.

Dynamic Promotions

Present the right offer
to the right person
at the right time.

Promotions, discounts and offers can be some of the most powerful tools available to help produce incremental revenue, but they are costly and important to manage closely. TellApart brings a data-modeled approach to offers that ensures each promotion is presented to just the shopper who needs it to drive a purchase. These offers can be dynamically displayed in any messaging channel — display, social, email — and are directly integrated onto your site for a seamless experience that drives incremental revenue while protecting your brand.