TellApart + AdStack = a Brighter Future for Email

Josh McFarland, CEO & Co-Founder


TellApart was founded over four years ago with the vision of helping retailers to use their customer data to improve all dimensions of the consumer experience — across devices and channels, online and off — and our products have driven billions of dollars in incremental revenue for some of the best brands in retail.

With a focus first on marketing, we started by personalizing display ads — filling the allocated space with products that foster discovery and delight. We extended these efforts across the Facebook platform — including the Facebook Exchange for both Right Column & News Feed ads and Custom Audiences. We brought our Customer Quality Score-based personalization techniques to our clients’ landing pages with Dynamic Offers. And now, we turn our efforts to the most ubiquitous marketing channel of all — email.

Today, we are proudly announcing the acquisition of AdStack, one of the leading companies for dynamic content in email. In my very first meeting with the founders — Evan Reiser, CEO and Thanos Baskous, CTO — I could see we shared the same vision. And over the past several months, TellApart and AdStack have designed what we believe is the next big breakthrough in email marketing — personalization done perfectly.


Email marketing can be improved in so many ways — over the years, it has fallen prey to the tragedy of the commons: it’s near costless, incentives are mis-aligned between those sending and those receiving, and there is no official regulator preventing over-use. Therein lies a wasteland of unopened messages; over-zealous, self-appointed arbiters of spam; half-baked, semi-enforced legislation; and — now — fragmented approaches to inbox management like Gmail’s new tabs… and with so many shifting variables, it’s impossible for marketers to measurably improve.

Yet email is still so rich an environment for marketers and consumers alike. It holds the key to identity longevity. The majority of email will soon be consumed on mobile and tablet devices and it serves as an important bridge to the desktop. It can be the link between online interests and in-store purchases and the emailed receipts that accompany them. Email is full of so much potential.

Our dynamic email products are starting with a complementary approach — by joining personalized content with beautiful editorial imagery, we will further the intersection of two major trends: native advertising and the programmatic personalization of ad content. Email truly is the godfather of native advertising — custom messages designed to be consumed as content but with the focus of driving incremental revenue. By introducing programmatic personalization into this channel, we are capitalizing on our clients’ knowledge of their customers’ preferences and we are improving the consumer experience in email.

We’re excited to bring the AdStack and TellApart teams together, and we’ll be sharing more in the near future about our joint vision for the perfect personalization of email… along with the data to prove our success!