This Time It’s Personal

Bridget Shea, VP of Client Success

How apropos to start a new adventure with TellApart on the 20th anniversary of the banner ad. The first banner was launched on Wired magazine in October 1994 and became both exalted and vilified along with the transformations in our industry over the last two decades. After being declared dead several times, the banner ad has made it through the ups and downs of its formative years alive. The banner ad, as icon of online marketing industry, is now well poised for what I see now as its formidable years.

As someone who grew up professionally during this reign then went on through my work at Kenshoo and Yext to help clients optimize search and social marketing initiatives, I know our industry still has a lot of growing up to do. I want to be part of the movement to help ads mature and grow into formidable contenders to win the hearts and minds of customers. TellApart’s leading role in this movement as so simple and yet ultimately transformative.

This is why I joined the TellApart team and this time it’s personal.

If business is personal, why do so many marketing initiatives forget the person behind the click? We have made huge advancements in our ability to target consumers online more efficiently through programmatic marketing and Real Time Bidding (RTB). While this has made us better at harvesting anonymous demand, personalization still remains a requirement for advertisers that want to curate one on one marketing experiences that build loyal customers for life.

A recent study by Econsultancy showed that 74% of marketers say they know personalization increases customer engagement, but only 19% actually use it. So why isn’t everybody doing it when the benefits of personalization have been well founded? Simply put…it just ain’t that easy.

Personalization done right has become increasingly complex given the growing number of touchpoints with brands that include multiple devices, in store activity, online shopping, etc. Due to this complexity the core concept of identity becomes the essential linchpin to bring Big Data alive in real time to create a personal and consistent customer experience.

The concept of personalization also transfers over to my client services doctrine…and I practice what I preach. When I start working with a client I’ve given them my personal commitment to deliver on the promise to generate optimal value from our products and services. At TellApart we are building a client services team that understands a client is a person (yes a real live human) and we are fully vested in making that person successful in their role to advance the marketing initiatives for their organization. In the new tech era TellApart is reviving the old fashioned approach to client services.

  • People – Getting personal requires a client service team that has empathy for our client’s needs and the insight, skills and pure resolve needed to deliver.
  • Partnership – Develop a true and personal bond that outlasts any particular project, issue or initiative.
  • Get Inside – Know your client’s business like an extension of their team. Use that context to execute tailor-made strategies and tactics.
  • Value – Ultimately we must continuously drive value and exceed performance goals to earn our keep year after year.
  • Depth – Go deep on product capabilities and analytics to deliver direct, thoughtful and quick solutions for clients.
  • Breadth – Omnichannel marketers have many challenges beyond the scope of any one product or company. Our team needs to be well versed in the broader online marketing industries to see around the corner for our clients.
  • Speak Up – Have an opinion. Clients need input from experts to make smart decisions about their business. Make assertive recommendations on what your client should be doing now, next or never.
  • Problem Solving – Above all else we are creative problem solvers for our client’s marketing challenges.


At TellApart we are bringing old school back with smart personalization. This means resuscitating traditional online ads to drive killer results for our clients and servicing our clients with a deep one to one approach. I’m excited to be part of a team that is working hard…and smart to drive personalization forward in a very unique and multifaceted ways throughout our entire organization. This is my unfinished business, and for me, it is personal.