Welcoming Bridget Shea as VP of Client Success

Josh McFarland, CEO & Co-Founder

Executive searches are hard. They’re hard because they’re rarely undertaken during the course of a company’s life, and each spec is unique. Building muscle memory, let alone improving upon the practice, is almost impossible unless it’s your full-time job. Even the best in the business — like Mark Kesic of Kesic Cervino (who we’ve used twice and who I highly recommend) or Jeff Markowitz, Talent Partner at Greylock — will tell you it’s difficult to know whether the candidate who looks good on paper is going to hold up in person, let alone in the trenches of a fast growing company. Yet given enough focused effort, it is possible to find your unicorn.

And so, it is with great pleasure that I officially announce Bridget Shea as our VP of Client Success!

Bridget comes to TellApart after highly successful executive roles in strong companies like Kenshoo and Yext, and she brings with her the rare ability to be both close to the details and able to scale. Indeed, as one of the first US-based employees at Kenshoo, she helped them grow from her living room (aka first US office) to a distributed team of 60+ folks across 10 global offices.

Bridget occupies the small area of overlap in the Venn diagram circles of someone who has a deep command of online media and performance metrics but with an enterprise-grade Client Success playbook. Her charter is to help TellApart clients escape other providers’ false dichotomies… or as we see it: Performance, Platform & White Glove Support: pick three.

We could not be more excited to have her as a TellApartan. Welcome, Bridget!